Friday, April 26, 2013

Seeking Answers

I have searched for answers from mystics and spiritual seekers but ultimately their universal truths are constructed on their own personal needs for intellectual and spiritual security and do not necessarily reflect my own spiritual and emotional needs.
My Truth is; there is no Truth beyond experiences.
Each experience, weather exhilarating or abysmal, joyful or sorrowful, life-affirming or guilt-ridden, shackling or emancipating is all part of this existence and as such need not be abhorred or denied but embraced and felt.  Pain, Fear and Loss are the arbiters of Joy, Daring and Plenty without whose influence we would surely live in ignorant stasis.  All the thinkers past and present have had some contribution to the experiential truth of humankind – to discount anything as irrelevant or unimportant is to deny an essential part of what makes us whole.  The essence of our lives here is to seek wholeness and experience wholeness that can only come from actively being and taking every opportunity within reason.  We are not human-thinking, human-doing or human-knowing we are human-being.

Fear, Question, Learn, Appreciate, Love, Grow, Evolve.

Witness your own Evolution.

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