Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Guide to Valuing People

One of the most important things we can do as we attempt to navigate a quickly changing world is ground ourselves in how we find value. In a world increasingly dominated by invasive advertising, swiftly shifting trends and ever changing digital environments determining where we place value will likely be the key to solving world spanning problems and opening new intellectual frontiers. The answer is to place our value in each other, not in the ethereal, lofty ideals of a greater humanity - but in the common person, our coworkers, neighbors and family. Throughout the course of history it has been individuals that have made the difference, not corporations or governmental agencies, but the work of common people, who saw a world with need and strove to fill inadequacies.

The humanist may believe:

That people are more important than processes,
Flexibility is more valuable than rigid plans,
Quality is a habit,
Honesty over pride,
Fairness is subjective not objective,
Life experience is often underrated,
Stewardship is the belief that those who come after us should have the same opportunities for success as we do,
My productivity potentially hinders someone else’s efficiency,
Happiness is not a set of conditions being met; but a state of being,
Hard work and intelligence will get you material reward; but imagination and enthusiasm will find you contentment

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