Saturday, July 13, 2013

Unrealized Potential

So much of the daily potential of people is wasted. We waste it through our lack of commitment and passion, through our perceived suffering and pain, through displeasure with others and criticism of ourselves. I envision a world where great achievement is celebrated; not cynically picked apart for the benefit of others' ego. A world were seeing greatness aspires us to strive for that same level of success. Where failure is seen as the natural ally, and precursor to, great achievement.

I see a world overflowing with the opportunity for intellectual discourse and physical adventure; a world not ruled by fear of the "other" but ruled on the idea that their is no "other" only us. Where passion reigns and mediocrity is eliminated through realizing that the outcome is less important than the striving to achieve it.

The world spins on, ignorant of our individual struggles for enlightenment, for success or glory, but it is not unaffected by it. The choices we make today change the course of the human experience. Will we choose love and plenty over fear and scarcity? What we can do is live for today with the knowledge that we build for tomorrow. Not live in past that is already beyond shaping, but live for a future bright with opportunity. Sometimes the answer is as simple as the reminder that things change, the world grows and we have a part to play.

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